Application Maintenance

While we are experienced in the development of new applications, we are also perfectly happy to take on the maintenance, renewal, or renovation of existing applications.

Often people can be keen to throw out old software, however in many cases if a piece of software has been doing well at your business for years, there can be no real reason to get rid of it – and instead it may be optimal to simply have it’s lifetime extended through patches.

Unfortunately in the case of application maintenance, we cannot provide a free quote, as the amount of work that goes into pricing is substantial due to the need to evaluate the source of the current application and determine the amount of work that needs to be done.

Bespoke Application Development

Regardless of the sort of application required, we would be glad to hear from you so that we can discuss with you your needs. We can build applications that fulfill roles ranging from batch processing, to web APIs, to graphical desktop applications.

We can deliver applications in a reasonable timeframe, for a reasonable price, with a high level of test coverage to improve the maintainability of your application.

To begin we need an explanation of your application requirements an business case, so that we can accurately scope out the task, to provide a timeframe and price for completion of the project.

Business Process Automation

Many businesses have labor intensive tasks which could be automated, so that the man-hours spent could be put to better use. For example, we have built applications that automatically gather publicly available information from a government database which lacks an API, as well as an application that allows bulk collection of invoices.

The size of these tasks can vary massively, but for a typical task we can have a turnaround time measured in days not weeks. Get in contact with us to receive a quote on getting this developed.

Corporate Website Development

While not all businesses need a completely bespoke website, almost all businesses need a corporate website to showcase what they do, regardless of industry.

Typically we would develop this website inside of WordPress, to enable easy content updates on the site in the future, however we can work around any existing systems that you may have in place

If you work with us, we will begin the process by assigning a designer to work directly with yourselves, so that you may agree on what the finished product should look like. After this, it will be implemented with periodic chances for feedback, before it is finally delivered.

The timeframe for delivery of a complete site is approximately three weeks, however it can change dependent on what exactly is needed