Why choose us?

We prioritize communication with clients as one of our key differentiating factors when compared to other companies in our space, and have made English our first language in order to do so. Beyond just communication, we can provide software development at a reasonable cost, thanks to having minimal overhead from expenses not related to the development of your solutions, and we are used to building containerized applications which can be deployed in a reliable manner on commoditised hardware.

Our Story

We were founded in București, Romania, in 2016 by a British founder, and have since worked on a range of projects, with a 100% client satisfaction rate which we intend to keep. Now we are working on expanding our skills and list of clients, while maintaining our existing solutions. If you require a new application to be built, or the maintenance of an existing one, please get in contact with us for a no-obligation quote.

Our Expertise Our language of choice for developing bespoke server side applications is Java, due to it's ability to be maintained long-term and be operated on an incredible range of different platforms, as well as it's time-tested reliability. However, we have experience working with many other technologies, ranging from the now obscured Coldfusion, to Wordpress, which powers a large percentage of all websites.